#SummerGarden Colour

So, I had an idea. What if, on what’s stated to be the darkest and dreariest day of the year, gardeners show a taste of summer – an opportunity to spread some joy and happiness, whet the appetite as we scour seed catalogues, and plan for the growing season ahead. The date in question is […]

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Planning for 2018

So here we are, firmly in 2018. We’ve flushed the last of 2017 festive celebrations away with a brew or two (no fancy biscuits this month, only plains), and now we face the prospect of the late winter and early spring months, waiting for the (somewhat) settled mid spring weather so we can get going, […]

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Who is Horti Hugh?

Before I go into my 2018 planning, I think it’s good to introduce myself, or maybe reintroduce myself as you might have read elements of this blog in previous posts, or we’ve had a chat or two. It’s timely to pull them together into one blog post again and let you know about me, Hugh […]

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A dahlia a day …

My fascination continues with Dahlias. These colourful flowers are grown from tubers every year and provide such interest and colour for everyone to enjoy, regardless of taste – there is at least one for everyone! Over recent years I have been adding varieties to my little collection. Where once it was just ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, […]

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An enjoyable summer

Wow, what a busy year it’s been since my last blog.¬†I’ve had a lot of fun and tonnes of enjoyment in the potager, sowing and planting and weeding and watering and harvest and sowing and planting … well you get the picture … Lol Speaking of harvest, since the early salad leaves there’s been a […]

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The April Garden

What a busy time of year it is in the garden ! In the potager we’ve gone from zero to sixty in the past six weeks and gardeners¬†across the land have dusted off their old seed packets, been ordering and buying new ones, and there is more than a seedling or two sprouting at this […]

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