#SummerGarden Colour

So, I had an idea.

What if, on what’s stated to be the darkest and dreariest day of the year, gardeners show a taste of summer – an opportunity to spread some joy and happiness, whet the appetite as we scour seed catalogues, and plan for the growing season ahead.

The date in question is Monday, January 15th, otherwise known as #bluemonday. Last year on the same announced day, I posted lots of pictures of blue coloured flowers, in an attempt to create a paradigm shift regarding this apparent low point of the year, into a day of celebration of the garden colour past and the garden colour to come. Now I have a lovely network of people on social media, who, probably mostly out of politeness, liked the pics and acknowledged what I was doing, with a few even joining in a little. I didn’t really comment at the time about what I was doing or why, just a wee blitz of blue colour for the day that was in it.

Fast forward almost a year, and as we headed towards last Christmas, I reflected on the year that was. Gardening wise, there was lots of fun, success and surprises, with some definite learning points (code for complete disasters).

Personally too, although there was many laughs along with deep conversations, I also have things to contemplate. There is an ongoing family situation that I can only wish people involved good health and happiness. The biggest impact however, was where one of my best friends as a teenager past away during the year. Although we had mostly lost touch since our teens, hearing of his passing was very saddening. When we experience loss, there is a particular process we go through. It can take time to understand what has happened, process it emotionally and what it means, and then reach a point of acceptance in order to allow ourselves to move on. For me, although there is still some road to travel in processing his passing, his family are regularly in my thoughts as I can only wish them moments of peace and solace amid the day to day busyness of the world.

So, how does this fit with #summergarden colour?

You see, I love January. I constantly say it. Yes, it’s dark with poor light levels. Yes, the days are short, and you may not see the garden from one end of the day to the other. And yes, the weather is typically cold with spells of coolness in between. However, it’s also the month that we begin to see the slight lengthening of days and the emergence of the first flowers of the year. It’s also a month of planning, excitement and dreaming of the colour that will be in our lives and gardens. Finally, it’s a month to really appreciate those little things before we emerge from winter hibernation to a year that will whizz by one we get into mid February.

Now I know not many people agree with my January sentiments (in fact many people wish the month away), so what if we do something. Something a little different.

So, I had an idea.

What if we absolutely blast colour all over social media and in our homes on the darkest dreariest time of the year. Wouldn’t that be a treat !

You see, I believe being involved in the growing of plants, the creating of gardens and sometimes just getting your hands dirty in the soil is s great way of connecting with nature, understanding who we are and as the garden designer Gertrude Jekyll said ‘a lesson I have thoroughly learnt, and wish to pass on to others, is to know of the enduring happiness that the love of a garden gives.’

So, my friends, please join in, in spreading some colour and happiness in our lives over this weekend and on Monday. Use the #summergarden colour hashtag, so if we can find each other’s posts and share the joy. Make it an event within your own network, invite people to join in, as one person said, let’s light the path to spring.

All the best,


10 thoughts on “#SummerGarden Colour

  1. That was a very nice, very heartfelt blog. It is nice of you to bring everyone together for this. Thank you๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŒพ

    1. Hey Ilena ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. And a big thank you for tweeting all the colour too. It is immensely enjoyable to see all the colour ! Thanks again, Hugh

  2. Very well written and very good idea to shine our days. Hugo, you gather a lot of people and it’s a pleasure to participate (if it can help other people to illuminate their dark days …)

    1. As always Fred, thanks for your support and the posting and RT’ing of colour. Yes, it’s lovely to see sooo many people tweeting colour as we prepare for 2018. And yes, my days have certainly been illuminated, I hope others are too. All the best, Hugh

  3. A wonderful blog Hugh (or is it Hugo?) and a great idea. I agree that January is fine really because it is full of expectation and like waiting for the curtain to go up on a musical. But then I live in a lovely warm house full of colour and warmth in every way so itโ€™s easy for me to like January. I know itโ€™s very very difficult for a lot of people. (I am a Counsellor in a GP surgery). I will do all I can to join in your hashtag. Best wishes, Julie

    1. Thanks for the comments Julie, both here and on Twitter. And yes, you’re so right. So many people find this month hard for so many reasons. I am very grateful for the fact that I can look forward to the year ahead with hope and expectation, and hope in some small way lighting up these days with flower colour can make a difference, even in some small way. Thank you for the support, Hugh

  4. This is a lovely idea, it’s definitely brightened up my Twitter feed this week, thank you. It’s also nice to get a different perspective on January (I’m one of those people who wish it away ๐Ÿ˜Š)

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