Early April 2018

And here we are, with the snow finally behind us. Since the last snow falls here we’ve had buckets of rain, frosty cold nights and the occasional glimpse of sunshine. At this point we have to plow on and plan for good weather ahead, or we’ll even settle for some reasonable weather …

So let me tell you some snipers of what’s going on here.

For the purposes of this blog post I’m using the #six-on-Saturday meme format from Mr. Propagator. It’s a nice format to use for updating blog posts like this. So let’s get started.

I don’t think there is an explanation needed for this photo. It’s from the allotment and shows there’s some work to be done to sort out the drainage. Either that or I build a canoe and call myself the aquatic gardener …
Yes, I’m delighted to say the daffodils here are in full flower at this point, and putting on quite the show. These guys are still standing tall despite the buckets of water and generally miserable weather being thrown at them. And I know you’re wondering ‘why does he look so happy’, and ‘what’s he pointing at’.
I do too sometimes …. however, if you’re inclined, check out what he’s up too over on YouTube …https://youtu.be/JUFt1uG-NQk

These are some lettuce, spinach and spring onions, planted in the cold frame. I bought the lettuce and spring onions (the spinach are my own seed sown plants) in twelve packs as my own are still too small to use. They work out at 25cent a plant from the local garden centre, and at this size, under cover, they’ll come on very quickly.
I captured this thirty seconds of bliss just for you. I was planting said lettuce and along comes this big fellow – I think he had a party in there! I hope you don’t mind the filter shading the outer part of the clip – I did that to hide the clothes line that was in the back ground … Lol

We have had some sunshine, and on Thursday morning I darted out to get the grass cutting started. This is the small back area of grass, and it tidied up quite nicely, didn’t it. There is still some edging to be done and the beds need some tidying, however getting the grass cut was great. Now I have to do the area beside the house, which is about a third of an area in size …

Finally, it’s that time of year again. The slugs and snails are back in the garden with a vengeance, and so am I with my night patrols and jam jar beer slug traps. They sit slightly above ground level so the beetles and similar don’t run into them by accident. Instead, Mr Slug wanders out for his evening pint, instead of munching my plants, has a little tipple and, with some luck, he’ll fall in. If you’re using this method, make sure to empty them regularly and don’t allow rain to dilute the beer. No one likes the watered down stuff …
Anyway, that’s it from here. Do check out other #six-on-Saturday posts. There’s a great bunch of people writing and lots of great gardening interest being shared.
All the best,

12 thoughts on “Early April 2018

  1. That’s quite a high-class slug trap you’ve got there – Bon Maman jars are hot property in our household, being fought over for filling with new jam or with cut flowers. I thought at first that your top pic was a fancy rill! Lovely to see your salad and onions looking healthy and off to a good start!

    1. Thanks Ali, yes, I snaffled the jam jar for the high class slug pub and hotel … Lol. Hmmm … not a bad idea …. fingers crossed we get some warm weather. All the best, Hugh

  2. It’s good to see everyone pushing on. I am encouraged to try some lettuce seeds. Something I usually leave until much later. Oh dear that seeds to sow list is getting longer!

    1. Lol … the seed is everlong ! Yes, try some lettuce. If you’re unsure, start with some small plants from your local centre and see how they get on

  3. I enjoyed watching the video in your garden, your salads look beautiful, the daffodils shine … I think you do like to be in your garden and you show us well !

  4. Something satisfying about mowing the grass – when it’s done. Even w/o the edging, your lawn looks very tidy. Is that a guinea pig pen in the middle? Your cold frame plants are so ahead of mine, which shows what a difference a cold frame can make. All look delicious!

  5. Wish you’d posted this on Friday morning before I removed the brick from that cheap plastic tub I’ve had for years with nothing (apart from a brick) in it and took it to the local recycling centre. Now I remember why I kept it. It moved around the garden last year, as it has for many years like that “castle” of the slayers in Krull. I’d nip out before breakfast and collect all the snails that climbed up it and under that upside down curvy rim at the top to nap for the day. An easy kill of 10+ a morning. Now I’ll need to buy a new cheap plastic tub. But at least I kept the brick. 😉

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