Late autumn six on Saturday

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post here, so doing a six on Saturday post is a good way of restarting. For this blog post I’ll share some of the photos I’ve been taking over the past couple of weeks, some of which you may already have seen on Twitter,and there’s a couple more added to it.

The first photo is of a wasp I took the other day when moving some wood. I was very fortunate to be able to get up so close to her without pain being inflicted for either of us. The only reaction I got was a bit of a leg flick. Enough said. I left her alone … Lol. She’s hibernating over winter, or at least trying to, and will emerge in April to look for a site for a nest to set up for 2019. Now many people will say she should be promptly sent to wasp heaven, however, wasps make for very good insect hunters and gathers, and there by assisting us keeping greenfly and caterpillars off our flowers and crops. So once they don’t nest too close to the house, they are very welcome.

Next photo is of the onion harvest from late summer, that I recently cleaned up for using. Once the outer skins were removed, their beautiful inner tones were revealed. Many of these onions were from seed earlier this year, and I’m rather proud of the results, despite how mixed in sizes they are. Who would have known when I was sowing them last February that that they would experience both great freezes and great drought within their short growing time.

The next two photos are of some colour from the garden. While there is some smashing leaf colour, splashed of flower colour have become quite rare here. So these two are really noticeable – the luminous and quite amazing Chrysanthemum ‘Mexico’ flowers, and a sprig of an unknown variety of lace cap Hydrangea, which is mostly gone over in flower apart from this splash of colour.

This photo was taken as I was seeking out a items belonging to a small water feature I have stored behind one of the shrubs. It seems that also stored behind said shrub is this family of munchers, getting in a touch of over winter sleep before they lay waste to all before them next spring !

My final photo is of these homemade chocolate squares that were made last week and were thoroughly enjoyed by all (mainly me tbh) … Lol

So thanks for stopping by, and over the coming months I’ll be doing a lot more blog post writing, as I’m in the process of dismantling the potager garden as we are on the move.

Of course, if you’ve enjoyed this blog post, look out for other #SixOnSaturday garden posts, and do drop by and let writers know you’ve enjoyed their posts.

5 thoughts on “Late autumn six on Saturday

  1. So many gorgeous pictures… ! My preference goes to the wasp of course… my stomach would say the last … when can I come to visit your “chocolate factory” ?!😉😜

  2. I do love a good dozy wasp. Those are some fine looking onions you got there, too, sir. Enough w/the flattery, so. Turn over that chocolate recipe! (Glad to see you here again, too!)

  3. So many fabulous photos. I love the close up of the wasp. We’ve been watching one all summer. It was in an old mouse nest in a pot of compost that had been thrown into the hedge. I’ve had no problems with aphids this summer. They are like the sharks of the gardening world. We kept a respectful distance and all was well. They finally stopped flying last Wednesday, and I was sad not to see them whizzing about the garden. That chocolate slide looks delicious 😋 x

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