End of Autumn review, Six-On-Saturday

Honestly, I cannot believe that we’ve reached the last few days of autumn. It has disappeared in a blur of making lists of things to do, getting some of them done, making new lists, getting more done, and so it continues. This is not a complaint, just to be clear. It is just how life […]

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Late autumn six on Saturday

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post here, so doing a six on Saturday post is a good way of restarting. For this blog post I’ll share some of the photos I’ve been taking over the past couple of weeks, some of which you may already have seen on Twitter,and there’s a […]

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Mid summer colour 2018

It’s a wonderful time of year in the garden. All our work during late winter and spring is now rewarding us with masses of flower colour and the promise of bountiful produce from the kitchen or vegetable garden. As always, for the purposes of this blog post I’m using the #six-on-Saturday meme format from Mr. […]

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Early June update

Can’t believe it’s a month since I did an updated blog post, and then I think about how busy last month (mostly away from the garden unfortunately) was and in almost a blink we’ve landed in June. On the plus side, I’ve some days off this week that will be dedicated to the garden, so […]

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Early May in the garden

Wow, who can believe we’re in May already? Once May hits here, there are a number of tasks that automatically come on stream, such as sowing nasturtiums, French beans and similar. This, combined with some of the delayed mid spring means it’s very busy here in the garden. But then it’s always like that isn’t […]

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End of April in the garden

It’s a wonderful time of the year in the garden. Things are moving at a pace and we as gardeners are working away to keep up, doing the most important tasks (sometimes … Lol) and hoping other tasks will hold off until we can magic up another hour or two in our gardening days. So […]

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Mid April garden activity …

It’s that time of the week again, where a community of gardeners put pen to paper for their top six on Saturday. For the purposes of this blog post I’m using the #six-on-Saturday meme format from Mr. Propagator. It’s a nice format to use for updating blog posts like this. If you want to see […]

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Early April 2018

And here we are, with the snow finally behind us. Since the last snow falls here we’ve had buckets of rain, frosty cold nights and the occasional glimpse of sunshine. At this point we have to plow on and plan for good weather ahead, or we’ll even settle for some reasonable weather … So let […]

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Spring time, 2018

Yes, after all the colder weather of later winter and early spring, it’s great to enjoy the sunshine days when they arrive. (Hugh, for the purposes of looking back in the future, we had ghastly weather at the start of March, with some more seasonal cold in mid March).  And now, with the clocks changed […]

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Mid March tasks

It’s busy busy here in the garden when time and weather allows. While I’ve done some early seeds, I’ve avoided the main batch of sowing as it’s simply too cold. However I have been busy doing other things. Let me show you using the #six-on-Saturday meme format from Mr. Propagator. It’s an interesting format to […]

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