Early June update

Can’t believe it’s a month since I did an updated blog post, and then I think about how busy last month (mostly away from the garden unfortunately) was and in almost a blink we’ve landed in June. On the plus side, I’ve some days off this week that will be dedicated to the garden, so looking forward to that. And, it’s worth saying, I’ve missed catching up on the six-on-Saturday crew. It’s one of the treats of the week to catch a glimpse of whats going on in everyone else’s gardens…

As always, for the purposes of this blog post I’m using the #six-on-Saturday meme format from Mr. Propagator. It’s a nice format to use for updating blog posts like this.
My first has to be the carrot from the repurposed plastic bottle. It’s proved very popular and inspiring over on Twitter. If you haven’t seen the video, I’ve loaded a copy onto YouTube as it’s easier to find in months to come. If you haven’t seen it, here it is here ….https://youtu.be/s0WJwCX3naw
Next up is the joy of seeing my Lupin come in to flower. This little precious one has been around the block, attacked and munched by slugs last year, frozen and frosted, and yet here it is doing its thing. Isn’t it a beauty…
Speaking of slugs, Dahlia time is approaching again this year, which means there’s plenty of lush stems and foliage available to eat. However you protect things from slugs and snails, there’s no room for complacency at this time of year …
To matters more pleasant and pleasing, smelling the first blooms of sweet pea is a delight that simply cannot be under estimated…
Oh, and on the delights front, here’s Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ for your pleasure …
Finally, I almost always include a view of the potager in my posts. On so many levels it’s a wonderful place to spent time, and being able to almost immortalise it among the six-on-Saturday gardens …
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week and as always you’ll catch me yabbering about plants across on Twitter during the week.
All the best,

22 thoughts on “Early June update

  1. A great year for lupins, isn’t it ! Your pictures are gorgeous.
    About sweet peas, ” mine” are about 30cm high and I hope to publish a photo of their flowering soon.

    1. You’re spot on the first time, they’re in some nice deep pots, actually they’re curly flower buckets with some holes drilled in them 😊👍🏼

  2. What an inspiring blog! I haven’t grown veg for many years, as I’m a flower freak and a bit short of space but seeing your patager has given me some ideas.

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